I started my career as a 3D Artist working in a 3D Studio in my home town, Santander (Spain), for one year (2009). During that period I mainly used 3D Max and Vray for making several Historical Reconstructions of castles and ancient cities and Architectural Visualizations.

I then started working as a Freelance in Manchester, UK, doing 3D Visuals for several Interior Designers., and some

Finally, I started working as a 3D Visualizer Freelance in 2012. The projects I have been developing during the last months include 3D modelling and texturing of high quality models -used for virtual worlds- and Architectural Visualizations.

At the moment I have wide experience doing Historical Reconstructions (from little villages to entire cities), Architectural Visualizations, Lighting, Rendering, Modelling and Texturing.

At the same time I am studying 3D Animation to improve my skills and increase the number of softwares I use. Although my experience in this area is not much yet I would love to acquire it soon.

In 2013, I started working at Foster+Partners (London) as a Visualisation Artist.

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